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We are BoomDone! Records, a new record label dedicated to producing, publishing, and promoting really good music from the South East of the U.S. to the whole wide world. We exist to bring our artists together and weave the stories they are creating into a public narrative. This means consistently releasing really good music and talking to a lot of great people about it- including you, at this very moment. This can be in the form of a record, download, music video, concert, cassette tape, interactive website, or something totally weird and unique. We take a multi-faceted approach to delivering the really good music nicely into your living space, car, backyard, coffee shop, bar, radio station, record store, or concert venue. We are founded by members of Wowser Bowser, hailing from Atlanta. We’re kicking off our label just as hard as we can with the release of Countless Others’ self-titled album. We’ve committed to raising $1,000 dollars for Southerners on New Ground, an intersectional LQBTQ social justice group across the Southeast, with album and merchandise sales from this album. We hope you enjoy it!

If you’re interested in submitting work to be published through Boom Done! Records shoot us an email at boomdonerecords@gmail.com

Southerners on New Ground

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